Who We are

Glister Events is a Saudi based company established in 2013, with a goal of transforming event provision throughout the region. The company plans and executes events designed to meet the client's desire and needs, offering full-service management of a broad range of occasions including festivals, corporate and private events. Our distinguished clients include several government agencies, corporate entities and individuals looking for exclusive, high-quality event provision. With meticulous attention to detail and unmatched services, we ensure every event runs perfectly and delivers the desired goal.

Children Events

Glister Events provide a full-service event solutions for kid’s events. Our services include games, activities, art and craft, decoration, entertainment, catering and last but not least gifts. With vast experience in delivering superb and engaging experiences for attendees, our professionalism, high-quality and unique vision set our kid’s events apart from any you may have previously experienced. We bring events to life with unique ideas that mix entertainment with education to improve children’s social and mental skills under the supervision of highly trained and qualified staff.

Entertainment Services

Since entertainment is vital to the success of every event, we provide all types of entertainment options suitable for any occasion. Our entertainment solutions include, but are not limited to music, shows, activities, team building exercises, stage presentations and much more. We work closely with our clients to custom design entertainment solutions that are safe, creative, fun and appealing to everyone present at the event.

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